“Genesis” means “Origin” – an important milestone marking the beginning of something new. Therefore, we want to borrow “the name that says it all”, suggesting that when giving trust in GFM, customers will receive the key to usher in a prosperous investment era and a bright financial future.

Key values

Go beyond our limitation and responsibility everyday

We always try our best to become a better version of our yesterday’s self.

Efficient, Effective

Efficiency is a measure of all actions. For us, business performance is always associated with the financial performance of our customers.

Navigate your investment to bring prosperity

Providing investment strategy for customers is a process of our research, analysis and evaluation. Therefore, we are committed to the right direction and the most appropriate.

Engage in what we do

We always put ourselves in the position of our customers, considering the problems or concerns of customers as our own concerns.


Our work processes comply with a clear, transparent operating system set out in advance.


What we say always comes with sincerity, acting with fairness and transparency, and behaving in a professional and right manner.


We provide suitable and effective financial solutions to customers’ problems.