Institutional customers

GFM provides customized portfolio management services for institutional clients with particular investment criteria, portfolio structure and expected return. In addition, they are also investors who wish to set up separate liquidity requirements made in accordance with the risk appetite and cash flow needs of each customer._x000D_
We understand that with institutional clients investing in large amounts of capital, the concepts of Capital optimization – Maximum profitability – Risk reduction are always placed on top. Therefore, we design detailed survey procedures and discuss deliberatedly to ensure an investment strategy that not only meets the unique needs of our customers, but is also extremely flexible that our customers can take the initiative in making suitable decisions for each phase and each different reaction of the market.

Strict, effective risk management process: Strict risk control tools, regular control process, and investment efficiency are assessed according to the level of risks assessed regularly

Flexible portfolio management contracts, effectively responding to changes from customers’ investment needs and market fluctuations.

Professional – Dedication – Caution – Transparency during customer support process


Personalized investment strategy on demand

Optimize capital – Maximize profits – Reduce risk

Access to the best investment opportunities in the market

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