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Investment Philosophy

Basically, the purpose of investing is to gain profit, preserve assets and increase asset value. Compared to the speculative school that focuses on short-term profits based on market fluctuations, GFM chooses to focus on the long-term investment performance of the product. We always keep in mind that: what is important is not how much money you can earn but how much risk you have to take to achieve those profits. In other words, our investment objective is not superior investment performance, but superior performance with less-than-commensurate risk.

We choose an investment philosophy that brings sustainable prosperity to each customer, aiming to add value in the long term. In the process of searching, selecting, evaluating investment opportunities and investing in the market, we pay special attention to the basic foundations of businesses as well as other assets.

With the motto “Transparent assets – Maximum benefits”, we always prioritize risk management during the investment process to ensure capital safety. We constantly foster and select the most honest – professional – elite investment team to increase your asset value. 

Investment strategies

The investment strategy at GFM is a flexible combination of growth and value investing strategies to capture and make the most of growth trends and potential investment opportunities in the Vietnamese stock market.

Based on Quantitative Investment Model , Cross–Validation, combined with Top–Down and Bottom–Up investment methods, we allocate and build a balanced and diversified portfolio towards the goal of “Optimizing capital – Maximizing profits – Minimizing risks” to bring a stable and sustainable increase in value to your assets.

Capital Adequacy is always the number one priority at GFM before realizing growth goals; thus, we pay special attention to risk management and control activities throughout the investment process.

Risk management

Risk management is the cross-compliance control carried out periodically among the relevant Departments, parallel with the investment process to ensure that the investment strategy is strictly followed and aligned with the internal policy, the risk parameters and investment objectives of each client.

At GFM, risk management activities are carried out by a team of professional personnel based on risk management principles that are developed in accordance with the requirements of the Law, and above all, to minimize the risk and ensure growth potential for our client’s assets.

We also focus on analyzing and pre-estimating scenarios to be able to timely respond to market fluctuations, flexibly applying hedging tools to ensure maintaining a safe margin and diversity of assets in the Investment Portfolio.