With our motto considering the workforce the key factor that determines the success of an enterprise, GFM is always interested in developing and strengthening skills for its staff, while at the same time taking care of material and spritual life for employees. This is reflected in the GFM’s compliance with state regulations and policies, and we also offer benefits and remuneration packages to ensure employees’ health, happiness and a stable long-term financial future.


Income in accordance with the capacity and development potential of each individual, at a relatively competitive level in the labor market in general and in comparison with other fund management companies in particular.


GFM is profoundly interested in the training and development of staff, considering it one of the basic goals of human resource management.

Health insurance

A private health insurance policy with a periodic health care program.


GFM organizes annual tourism to appreciate the efforts, contributions of employees and increase the solidarity of the collective.

 Specialized library

At GFM, we have specialized bookcases that are regularly updated so that employees can actively research and improve their knowledge, thereby improving working efficiency.


In GFM’s culture, the company is not just a workplace, but also a family, where members cooperate, engage and treat each other sincerely and straightforwardly with a constructive mind, together for a common goal – the GFM family.