Individual customers

GFM’s Portfolio Management Service for individual clients will help you to be freed from having to manage your own investment capital, especially for busy or inexperienced clients. At GFM, your assets will be managed by our team of experienced and market-knowledgeable professionals, who assist you to optimize the efficiency of use on each unit of capital, and minimize the risks in the investment process.
We understand that each client has unique investment goals, as well as diversified capital withdrawal/capital contribution requirements. Therefore, we provide personalized service with specific needs of each customer.
Operating principles

Strict investment process

Flexible and proactive approach and decision-making on the basis of maximum protection for investors.

Strict and effective risk management process.


Optimize capital flow - Flexible investment

Help customers access the best investment opportunities in the market without depending on your capital level. The minimum investment amount will depend on the target investment portfolio that the customer chooses.

Maximize profits - Reduce risk

Through policies to diversify portfolio with securities that possess growth potentials carefully selected by a team of highly qualified experts; as well as through setting investment objectives in accordance with “risk appetite”, investment time and other specific needs of each customer.

Flexible withdrawal - Take initiative

Customers can withdraw funds flexibly on demand after payment of management costs agreed in advance with GFM.

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