GFM Value Increase Fund (GFM-VIF)

Fund’s name GFM Value Increase Fund
Fund’s category Public Equity fund
Authorized by Vietnam SSC
IPO Information
IPO Fund Certificate 382/GCN-UBCK
Innitial offering date 16/11/2023
Offering end date 03/02/2024


GFM Value Increase Fund (GFM-VIF), an open-ended fund which exclusively designed for GenZ investors, is officially for innitial public offering offering since November 16, 2023. GFM – VIF aims to maximize profits to provide investors with an attractive, sustainable income source in the medium and long term through a flexible investment strategy and focusing on growth assets. GFM –VIF is especially suitable for investors who want to start with small capital, invest long-term with flexible cash flow needs, and aiming for sustainable asset growth.


Kindly click here for account registration and subscription instructions



During the IPO, the subscription amount that investor successfully transfers to the Fund’s account at the Supervisory Bank will be blocked and can only be converted into the balance of Fund Certificates after the Fund is granted Fund Certificate. Investors can then proactively place daily buy/sell orders for fund certificates on the online trading platform of the Distribution Agent where the Investor opens an account.

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