Genesis Fund Management Joint Stock Company is operating in two core domains: fund products and portfolio management services. GFM brings together a team of well-trained leaders and executives fully educated and trained abroad who are highly qualified and experienced with many years working at domestic and foreign financial institutions, combined with a group of professional consultants carefully selected. We pledge to bring the most effective investment solutions which capture the world’s trends for our customers.

Word of 2019 - 2020: To build

Building the system

In a constantly changing world, the basic platforms play a more important role than ever before. After the transfer process, GFM is gradually building a new era, starting from the consolidation of our structure and management model so that it not only meets the standards on facilities, financial targets and management staff at the request of the State Securities Commission, but it also helps create a firm premise for the company’s development in the future.

Building a team

Besides the key members, the staff plays an important role in implementing the vision and mission of GFM. Recognizing this, GFM is constantly recruiting middle leaders and new employees with strong knowledge, strong technical skills, a spirit of entrepreneurship, as well as a desire to learn. At the same time, the company also has a training policy for this group of talented peole to improve their expertise and help them follow the company’s development direction.

Building products

The company constantly updates and researches market trends and customer needs to diversify investment fund products and manage portfolio. These products will not only meet the increasingly stringent demands of investors but also help shape the trend of investment that shifts from direct investment to investment via fund management companies.