About us

Genesis Fund Management Joint Stock Company (GFM) with the motto “Together develop – Together succeed”, always strives to find, deliberatedly screen and closely manage market developments to develop optimal solutions and services in order to provide our investors with a lustrous inception.

Our services

GFM develops and provides customized financial products and services that are tailored for each investor with a specific investment objective, with the goal of accompanying our investors to create long-term capital growth, providing stable income and preserving capital, or both. We always strive to become a Reliable partner – Professional consultant of each investor. Organizations and individuals can accompany and make capital contribution to the products offered by GFM.

Investor Relations

At GFM, ``Trust`` is always our hallmark and is considered a guideline in relation to investors. Therefore, we always uphold transparency and timeliness in disclosing corporate financial information, navigating towards sustainable and long-term cooperation.


Carrying on the mission of providing customers with an auspicious start to a new era, GFM is willing to combine the hard work and wisdom of Vietnamese people and the international professionalism to create a sustainable development for the company. A solid career future, enthusiastic and experienced leaders, sympathic, open and friendly colleagues, and a modern, professional working environment are values that GFM wishes to bring to all employees. GFM always welcomes candidates who want to join us with talent, intellect, moral qualities, and work passion. At GFM, we will create opportunities and challenges for you to self-assert with your own capabilites.

The vacancies are

Position: Product Manager

at least 5 years



Position: Accoutant

1 year above

Negotiable, depending on interview's result


Position: Investment Analysis Specialist

3 years

Negotiable salary according to ability